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2022’s First SPAC and Metaverse Investment Opportunities
Virtual Investment Conference in Hong Kong

(21 January 2022 – Hong Kong) LBS (Leverage Big Strategies) Communications Consulting Limited (“LBS”), a professional strategy-based investor relations consulting firm based the Greater China region with global presence, today successfully organized the first Virtual Investment Conference, "Invest For a Better World With Innovation – from SPAC to the Metaverse” in 2022, along with New Vision Asset Management and Mileage Communications from Singapore and under the support from our media platform partner, Futu and Hong Kong Economic Digest.

Over 20 industry leaders and professional institutional investors analysed the listing overview and options of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies ("SPACs") in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and explored the winning strategy of digital asset investment in Metaverse via a virtual forum and exhibition booths. The forum was supported by Futu as the platform partner and Economic Digest as media partner.

LBS invited a number of speakers to tap into the two hottest topics in the capital market – SPAC and the market development of Metaverse through multiple subdivided presentations. In the morning session, Mr. Claudius Tsang, CEO at A SPAC (Holdings) Group Corp., Mr. Robson Lee, Partner at Gibson Dunn, Mr. Gordon Tsang, Partner at Stevenson Wong & Co. analysed the listing mechanism and risk factors of SPAC in the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, and Mr. Yiu Ting Tsoi, the CEO of HB Ventures to explain the successful IR strategy in SPAC and De-SPAC process as well as the successful positioning and investment strategy of SPAC.

In the afternoon session which focuses on Metaverse investment, Mr. James Lei, Chief Technical Adviser of Joint Labs in Asia at Ether Data explained the effective strategies for the real economy to master the wave of virtual reality; Mr. Gilbert Ng, Founder at Mura Capital described the compliance trend and regulatory direction of the virtual market; Mr. Robert Luo, Co-founder at NVC Media introduced GameFi, the most advanced virtual development trend and Mr. Evan Auyang, the Group President of Animoca Brands unveiled the unique investment strategies of Animoca Brands which is not only limited to the hottest metaverse - Sandbox.

In addition, the forum included two panel discussions, during which panelists explained to participants the composition of SPAC and De-SPAC, the key strategies to maximizing the return on investment of investors and start-ups, and the winning strategy of investing in Metaverse. The panelists actively shared their own experiences and unique insights in a welcoming and inquisitive meeting atmosphere. More than 300 professional investors, institutional investors, executives of listed companies and representatives of start-ups attended the virtual forum, and many of the participants gathered in the virtual lounge area afterwards to further exchange their thoughts and experiences in these important subject areas.

Ms. Joanne Chan, Managing Director at LBS Communications Consulting Limited stated: “The Metaverse has inevitably become a hot topic in the investment community, as it’s a new field that Big Tech and gaming companies are competing to develop. Even international renowned sports brands have taken the opportunity to acquire virtual shoe brand companies to tap into the market. At the same time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has formally implemented the SPAC listing mechanism. In other words, many emerging and innovative companies may become targets of mergers and acquisitions, providing an additional financing channel for start-ups that are interested to enter the Metaverse.”

Taking advantage of this market trend, LBS held the first online forum on Metaverse in Hong Kong and invited many senior experts and investors to share their own experience and first-hand industry insights from a forward-looking perspective. This created an effective communication platform for the capital market and disseminated investment information that keeps pace with the times, gaining high recognition from the industry. In the era of diversified development of capital markets, we are happy to see more opportunities relating to the development of the market and enterprises. We are also glad to see that potential start-ups or enterprises in emerging industries can gain more sustainable development momentum and achieve a win-win situation.

“As the organizer of this Metaverse investment forum, LBS will continue to leverage on its objective and original aspiration of "Leverage Big Strategy" after 11 years of development. LBS will bolster its traditional financial communications and investor relations services by aligning with clients’ strategies and maximizing results, so that investors around the world can keep abreast of the latest developments of their clients and be apprised of market trends to continuously expand business coverage and services. For example, ESG helps companies to explore and take advantage of exploring new opportunities beyond traditional investment areas in the field of sustainable development and to create more opportunities for customers to communicate with investors. With the rapid recovery of the global economy in the post-pandemic era, LBS also hopes that, apart from Greater China, this forum will also look ahead to other international markets and develop diversified information dissemination channels,” she said.

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